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Cinema 4D R13.051

Art. 37 Pubblicato il 2011/12/12 da

Disponibile l'aggiornamento (online o manuale - vedi link) di Cinema 4D R13.051 che offre diversi accorgimenti e fix. In dettaglio:

This is the service update 13.051 for CINEMA 4D and BodyPaint 3D R13.016 and R13.029. It contains many improvements and fixes, which improve overall stability. It is highly recommended for all users!

Interface, Navigation, OpenGL, Viewport:

Render preset does not get switched on undo
Multi-select in render settings now possible
Font selector now stable
Script Manager resize will not cut buttons anymore
Non-modal windows no longer open at top left
Copying object now also copies HUD
Problem with missing shortcuts fixed
Issue with RightHandTangent in Spline GUI fixed
HUD visibility issues fixed
Command Line now frees licenses on quit
Sticky key mode timing was adjusted
Text tool: Sorted out some functionality flaws
Navigation: No more strange rotation handle behavior with rotation scale = 0
Navigation: Deep option for cursor placement now works as expected
Navigation: Some odd navigation flaws fixed
OpenGL: Box mode now reflects layer colors
OpenGL: Environment strength viewport display now displayed correctly
OpenGL: Cursor navigation now works when using alpha materials
Viewport: Stereoscopic, no more stuck mouse in Viewport
Viewport: N-gon lines are not visible anymore if N-gons are hidden
Viewport: No more illogical flipping of background images
Viewport Select: Pick Object now picks nearest pixel depth


COLLADA plugin now also loads in OS X 10.5
After Effects: A number of issues were solved; increased stability and enhanced functionality
After Effects: Plugin exports now image-based 3D layers
After Effects: Unicode export problem in composition name fixed
Exchange Maya to BodyPaint 3D, Reflectivity and Reflected Color do not behave differently anymore after they have been sent back to Maya
Exchange 3ds max to BodyPaint 3D, Self Illumination RGB value will now be assigned, even if a texture is already assigned
Exchange Maya to BodyPaint 3D: re-export BodyPaint 3D now assigns changed material values
TexturePath from CS3 exports now displayed correctly with slashes, and imports correctly
FBX Export: Texture names now can also contain special characters like Ä,Ö,Ü
FBX incorrect FPS display fixed
OpenEXR: Added "lossy 16-bit float" compression


Polygon reduction: 100% setting now causes a 100% effect
Set Vertex weight and Restriction tag will update new weights
Spline deformer: Identical behavior on Mac and Windows
Spline deformer: Improved stability
Move tool axis will no longer lock selection
Ctrl+Drag now creates objects in the right position
Enhanced stability while selecting loops
Weighting status is now displayed correctly
Using Move tool with hidden axis, jumping of object is fixed
Sticky axis handles now stay and behave as expected
Axis extension now also works in top view
Switching the mode (points, edges, polygons) does not corrupt Project anymore
Phong Break Selection - "select all" function now works correctly in polygon mode
Hide selected: Now works with path selection
Extrude and Correction Deformer Tags used on objects no longer corrupts rendering of project


Undo no longer breaks tangents
Broken Show F-Curves is fixed
PLA Time Track no longer vanishes in Timeline
Timeline -> Motion Source -> Change Hierarchy: no more incorrect position markers
Marker now can be renamed in F-Curve mode

Body Paint 3D:

The Maya plugin is now universal binary
Wrong edit, copy and paste behavior corrected
Saving in .tif format now preserves the Alpha channel

Character Animation:

MoCap templates now all have a Retarget tag setup through User Data
It is possible now to make multiple selections in Character Builder
CMotion: Deactivation of Action now will not deactivate Reference
CMotion: Issues with Display Motion are solved
CMotion: Align Direction +Y and -Y now work according to the defined direction
CMotion: Surface Base Object now produces expected effect
CMotion: Preset now also saves reference action
CMotion: When in static mode, surface is no longer calculated
CMotion: If the forward axis is set to X instead Z, the gradient will be not ignored anymore
Visual Selector: Fixed some flaws for Animate mode
Visual Selector: Hotspots now get drawn with selected views
Visual Selector: Now also works when used with XRefs
Visual Selector: Wrong Shift key behavior while using Tag tab and Rectangle Selection tool fixed
Visual Selector: Some display and interface issues were addressed and solved
Advanced Biped: Fine-tuned adjustment of limbs and their relationships
Advanced Biped: Fine-tuned parameters of limbs and joints (bending, rotating, etc.)
Advanced Biped: Default Visual Selector gets created
Advanced Biped: Now has all controllers in the Selection tab
Advanced Biped: FK Arm visibility corrected
Advanced Biped: Ball Rock controller mirroring now works properly
Advanced Biped: Hand controllers now present and usable in CMotion
Advanced Biped: IK/FK Bendy Leg main controller corrected.
Advanced Biped: IK/FK now applies bendy elements for entire rig
Advanced Biped: Collar controls now get added to CMotion
Character object will not break during updating
Broken Character Builder issue fixed
Updating a posed rig with certain applied changes will no longer be contorted
Character templates Fish and Spider: Solved some global issues with the templates
Rotation orders of standard biped arms can now be changed
Bone Count now also works with multiple selected components
IK/FK Controller rotations no longer frozen initially
Character template - Mocap rig, BVH rig now load correctly
Using Ctrl+a in Spline window no longer selects objects outside of field of view
While using parts of different templates: The inserted components of templates will now assume the positions of the parent template for scaling
External morphs will not corrupt the project anymore
Component tag: Component type is not overwriting controller type anymore
Character object: Wings now update only when needed
During weight painting, CINEMA 4D no longer switches to shaded view
Joint align will not fail when used
Character Builder: Update does now also updates weight binding
Character Mocap: When turned invisible, nothing visible will be left behind
Muscle deformer: Muscles do not penetrate skin anymore
Visual Selector View Select now requires only one click


AVX support for dynamics
Dynamics XPresso node now gets locked by switching off Dynamics and baked cache gets not overwritten
XRef and Dynamics collision issue solved
Dynamics with incorrect rotation problem fixed
Dynamics cache baking now produces not more than one baked item


Fixed the scale problem with Spline effector
MoInstance can now be cloned
Items on MoGraph menu are no longer grayed out
MoInstance used with materials now will not loose the material anymore

Python, XPresso, C.O.F.F.E.E.:

Console no longer loses last character
FindCTrack argument now accepts arguments
Fixed wrong string encoding in __setattr__
GetSplinePoint will no longer report an index Error without reason
Python: Code in Script Manager remains visible
Python Falloff plugin crash fixed
Passed arguments to CINEMA 4D are now redirected to Python
XPresso: New XPresso filter now works as expected
XPresso: Spline node no longer returns a wrong global tangent
XPresso: No more disappearing nodes from XPresso Manager after update
Global Python message crashes CINEMA 4D on exit fixed
Script Manager: Confusing dialog issue corrected
Does not crash anymore after deleting a script
C.O.F.F.E.E.: Create Visual Selector can now use mirrored names


Off Axis Setup now accepts additional lenses and does not only work with a 36mm lens
Use Folder For Saving option now also works over network
Fixed wrong naming in Stereoscopic mode
Default Placement mode is now Parallel, according to documentation
Interactive handle on Near Plane can no longer be dragged to negative values (behind camera)
Stereo Camera setting spinner increment units were adjusted for easier use

Render Queue, Renderer, Physical Renderer:

Render Queue: Corrected some bugs with frames and frame count
Physical Renderer: Depth of field measurement units conversion error fixed
Physical Renderer: Blurry reflections + spike no more strange render artifacts
Physical Renderer: Depiction in orthographic views now match camera view
Physical Renderer: Multi-pass and alphas now work correctly
Physical Renderer: Global Illumination area now accepts light + front/back mapping
Physical Renderer: Depth of field effect now renders more naturally
Physical Renderer: Pixel aspect in Viewports now correct
Physical Renderer: Ambient Occlusion pass no longer ignores evaluate transparency
Physical Renderer: Now renders shadows on passes
Physical Renderer: Blurred transparency is now homogenous
Physical Renderer: Cloud objects now render with shadows
Physical Camera and Compositing tag reflection issue issue solved
Physical Camera offset now also used for alpha and reflection
Broken caustics fixed
Interactive Render Region (IRR) output problems with post effects solved
Multi-Shader on clone now renders correctly
SubSurface Scattering now is rendering in Picture Viewer
SubSurface Scattering and Interactive Render Region with Include/Exclude lights now works as expected
Hair subdivisions now work with values other than 1
Physical Camera's depth of field: blurriness adjusted
Object-based area lights are no longer cause wrong shadows and illumination in Physical Renderer
Indirect Illumination corrected in comparison to Global Illumination
Area shape Infinite light now has the expected effect
Odd noise "gradient" in indirect illumination render no longer occurs

Picture Viewer:

Stereoscopic: Side-by-Side mode mirror option use will no longer cause destruction of image
Ctrl+Drag in Picture Viewer now also creates thumbnails for copies created by Ctrl + Drag
Function: Delete hard disc cache function is now available even when you are not rendering
Histogram tab refresh problem solved
Picture Viewer double-right click in History tab
Stereoscopic render time is now total render time
Copying of folders in Picture Viewer no longer possible


Overall, the XRefs were revised thoroughly and many issues regarding all aspects of the XRefs were located and addressed. Especially the relationship of assets and XRefs, instancing, proxies, animations and motion clips got an thorough overhaul. Also, specific specialized aspects were revised, stabilized and enhanced. Overall, the stability and usability of XRefs were improved and in certain cases enhanced.

Series of problems with linking, saving, loading, referencing and updating of assets fixed
Issues with display, visibility and interface were addressed
Some incorrect material, particle and texture behavior fixed
General interface and usage flaws were solved
Usability and stability of poses and effectors were improved
No more lost layer hierarchy
Select object command no longer selects all objects in XRefs
Motion clips no longer interfere with XRefs
Load, save, exchange functionalities were stabilized and improved
Issues with several copy and paste of XRefs, proxies and related items solved
Hierarchy issues solved and stability increased
Surface deformer no longer needs to be initialized for each open
Convert Object Selection to XRef - file no longer gets overwritten
Converted XRef objects now get removed from the XRef Manager
There are now multiple tracks for multiple animated objects
Default custom prefix now uses proper default string
Enabling Relative to Project now has the desired effect
Animation no longer gets lost when using Reduced save
Dependencies now editable
Encapsulated no longer switches object order when off
CINEMA 4D can now handle multiple XRefs of the same file
Crash after multiple Reload XRefs fixed
Relative path after SaveDocument is no longer incorrect
Array of XRefs is now correct after being made editable
Deletion of XRef object now also deletes XRef in XRef Manager
Convert To now keeps current project settings


CINEMA 4D SDK: Rounded Tube object handles corrected
Document preview now gets generated with Save Project with Assets
Assets are no longer presented as bitmaps
CINEMA 4D can now load/save files on OneFS drive via NFS or SMB
CINEMA 4D R11 Import Scale settings now work in R13
Incorrect file structure problem fixed
Opening saved file in Picture Viewer again will now load the picture without strange artifacts
Playing sound will no longer use too many CPU resources (Windows)
Command Manager: move camera command - now shortcut can be reassigned
Hair: Hair used with Symmetry and Collider tag will not cause a crash anymore
Preferences: Reset to Default - confusing message got cleaned
Sky: Physical Sky setting sun parameters now also have density like the Sun object/tag
Sound: Missing sound file problem fixed
Thinking Particles: Particle geometry no longer vanishes if animation plays back while rendering
Video Post effects: Some effects that did do not work with CineMan now work
Materials: Mac image sequences now work on polygon objects
Materials: Material Redraw does not freeze CINEMA 4D anymore
Objects: Spline Deformer Radius GUI now works without problems
Object Manager: Fold/Unfold selected Icons are now corrected



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